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The ATPCA philosophy is to provide tennis coaches and players around the world with an enriched educational and physical learning experience through developing their coaching and playing skills



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MAC's CrankIt Tennis Academy Office - Philippines

MAC's Crankit Philippines Office.

Established January 2018

1st Graduate Tennis Pro Qualification Course held in Manila.

conducted by : MAC's crankit Tennis Academy

accredited by : Australian Tennis Professional coaches Association (ATPCA)

MCTA team at General Santos City, Philippines

MCTA team at Paco, Manila, Philippines

MCTA Players in Action

Awards Received

1st mission of MCTA Australian players.

Participated at PPS Junior tournament at General Santos City, Philippines.

Participated by:

  • Arden Asilo

  • Geoff Asilo

  • Antonio Pereda

  • Joshua John

  • Shasha Pereda

  • Niki Okol

1st MAC's Crankit Foundatiuon Open Tournament held at Paco, Manila

Participated by MCTA Australia players:

  • Arden Asilo

  • Geoff Asilo

  • Antonio Pereda

  • Joshua John

  • Shasha Pereda

  • Godley Siale

  • Gabbrielle Murphy

  • Hayden North

  • Robbie Youssef


Current Active MCF Players

MAC's Crankit Family 

Number of registered active players :   (as of  March 2021)    



1. Patricia A C Puzon

2.  Arden Asilo

3. Geoff Asilo

4. Antonio Pereda

5. Joshua John

6. Diego Reyes


Founder/Master Pro coach / ATPCA L3 

Advanced Pro coach /ATPCA L2

Advanced Pro coach /ATPCA L2

Advanced Pro coach /ATPCA L2

Graduate Pro coach /ATPCA L1

Graduate Pro coach /ATPCA L1

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