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MAC's Crankit Foundation

Discipline+Respecct = Inspire

MAC's CrankIt Foundation (MCF) is a non-profit agency whose aim is to change lives and empowering individuals and
communities through sports and community service.


Our aim is to unite different sports organizations and to promote discipline in every athlete, respect towards every individual and to inspire others through example.


Through these guiding principles, we will be able to help others because we can. Aside from providing services, we will be utilizing the means of gathering donations from private organizations from all over the world to fund the cause of our foundation which is to support the volunteers in funding outreach activities/programs to travel to places struck by calamities. 

The program will form partnerships with private organizations as well as local government offices from all the districts in
Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. MacsCrankIt’s goal is to foster a commitment to underprivileged people for them to promote literacy, livelihood and social development programs to improve the socio-economic status of the people under the care of our foundation.

We believe that by improving these aspects we can emphasize a sense of hope in the future. Throughout the past few years, we have been able to help different places rehabilitate their sports facilities as well as aligning
the knowledge of the local coaches through a community coaching conference.

About Us

Who We Are?

Patricia Puzon



MAC's CrankIt Foundation Ltd.

ABN 55 624 227 701

Est. February 05, 2018

Our Mission

To provide community services without delay in empowering the livelihood of all those who are in need of our support around the world through Sports and Recreational Activities, Education, Donations and Relief goods.



Our Vision

A world where diverse people from all across the globe have a community wherein they are helping each other lift others, their families, and themselves through the use of productive livelihood methods and sports


Organisational Structure

MAC's Crankit Foundation

ABN 55 624 227 701



Director/Executive Vice President

Patricia Albano-Concon-Puzon


Adrian Asilo

Director/Sports & Activities

Dennis Puzon

Director/Corporate Secretary

Geoff Asilo
Master Professional coach  ATPCA - Level 3
Head coach

Patricia Albano-Concon-Puzon


Arden Asilo

Team Leader /Advanced Professional coach  ATPCA - Level 2

Patricio T. Antonio

Director/Executive Vice President

Jose Antonieto Antonio

Director/Corporate Secretary

Antonio Pereda

Advanced Professional coach  ATPCA - Level 2

Joshua John

GraduateProfessional coach  ATPCA - Level 1

Diego Reyes

GraduateProfessional coach  ATPCA - Level 1

Pete Andrei Arocha
GraduateProfessional coach  ATPCA - Level 1

Sofia Arocha
GraduateProfessional coach  ATPCA - Level 1

ALexandra Pereda
GraduateProfessional coach  ATPCA - Level 1

Alberto Mangunay

Director/Sports & Programs

Karen Arellano

Director/Sports Development

Maria Dalia Puzon


Medardo Melicor

Marketing Consultant

Frank Encarnacion

Team Treasurer

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